It Feels Like Home

The environment here at Sage makes us feel very comfortable.

Harry and Gloria


Harry and Gloria used to drive 10 minutes to get Harry’s infusion treatments. Then they tried Sage Infusion and decided it was worth the hour-long commute.

Harry suffered delayed reflexes and feelings of weakness, numbness, and pain in his limbs for three years before he was finally diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy (CIDP).  For two years, his wife Gloria took him to the local hospital every 6 weeks to receive immunoglobulin infusions as maintenance for his condition.

Frankly, the hospital environment was depressing. Each visit, Harry and Gloria would be surrounded by patients who were much worse off than he was, a constant reminder of illness. Besides that, getting insurance to cover the treatments wasn’t straightforward and the couple felt like they had no support. 

When Gloria found out about Sage Infusion which had just opened in Tampa, she and Harry decided to make a 70-mile round trip—an hour each way—to try it out. At Sage, they found a lovely environment that felt like a friend’s living room versus a place for sick people. The office staff, nurse practitioners, and the owners themselves, all went above and beyond to make them feel like family. 

“We’re adopting them!” says Harry about his team of caregivers at Sage.

When it comes to insurance, Gloria “couldn’t say more about how supportive they are” to her at Sage. Going beyond the protocol of most medical centers, Sage works on its patients’ behalf to secure the maximum coverage and financial assistance available through insurance and other sources.

“I would highly recommend Sage to anyone who needs infusions,” says Gloria.

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