Another Reason to Come to Florida

I’m hoping that Sage Infusion opens an office in Mystic.



For the part of the year that Todd lives in Connecticut, he opts to fly down to Florida to get his Stelara injections with Sage.

Todd is a true-blue Connecticut Nutmegger, but in 2015 he decided he was ready to add some Florida sunshine to his life. He threw his golf clubs in the car and drove down, visiting friends in various cities and exploring different areas to decide where he might to like to be a part-time resident. 

Then he saw the sign. 

It was the Morton Plant Hospital sign. He spotted it while driving down Fort Harrison Road in Clearwater. The Plants were railroad tycoons from Connecticut who, among other things, made major investments in New London’s public transportation and infrastructure at the turn of the century. They had chosen Belleair as the location for their Florida home. “If it was good enough for the Plants, then it’s good enough for me,” says Todd. 

Perhaps there was another good reason for settling in Belleair, although he didn’t know it yet: proximity to Sage Infusion. 

Todd had developed Crohn’s disease late in life. His doctors had a difficult time figuring out the best way to manage it. In 2020, they settled on Stelara infusions (now injections) which he would need to get every 8 weeks. Todd started his treatment at the hospital, but soon moved to Sage Infusion Clearwater, which was on his doctor’s list of recommended care centers.

“From the first encounter with Sage, it was a good experience,” says Todd.

When Todd was back in Connecticut, he looked for a local infusion center he could go to during the summer months and was discouraged by what he found. 

“It was very hard to get an injection in Connecticut,” says Todd. “The hospitals and the doctors’ offices were not willing to do it unless I became a member of their network which would have entailed preliminary visits with their doctors and all sorts of paperwork that I really didn’t want to do. It was really confusing for me. Sage made it NOT confusion for me.”

So instead, Todd opts to fly down to Clearwater to visit Sage Infusion for those summer days when it’s time for a Stelara dose.

“The quality, the people, and the focus on the client is what makes me a happy customer of Sage Infusion,” says Todd. “Sage has a clear mission and [the Sage team] executes on that mission every day.”

Stelara IV
Every 8 Weeks
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Reduced discomfort

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