Brenda’s Story

Grave Challenges

Brenda initially experienced Graves’ disease in 2015; an autoimmune disorder that causes hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid. With this disease, the immune system attacks the thyroid and causes it to make more thyroid hormone than the body needs. During this flare-up of symptoms, she experienced cardiac symptoms and it also affected her personality. More recently, the Graves’ disease returned in April of 2018.  This time it affected her eyes, which is known as Thyroid Eye Disease. She had symptoms of double vision that affected her day-to-day life in many ways because she could not read or watch TV, and had daily intolerable headaches.

Tepezza instead of Surgery

In an effort to combat the inflammation in the muscles behind her eyes, Brenda received 12 days straight of radiation, with only a small improvement. The next option was for her to have surgery to alleviate the pressure on her eyes and optic nerve. Before that became necessary, Tepezza by Horizon Pharmaceuticals was approved by the FDA in early 2020 to treat Thyroid Eye Disease as an infusion medication. Sage Infusion has partnered with Horizon to position itself as a preferred site of service for Tepezza.


Seeing Clearly

Brenda has completed all 8 infusions with Sage Infusion and her doctor is very happy with her results. It had been challenging and tiring for Brenda to make the drive from Cape Coral to Tampa to receive her infusions, but she is happy with the care she has received at Sage Infusion. Brenda has had a friend come with her to each appointment. Sage has been able to accommodate both patients and caregivers in a private space. Brenda’s doctor recently commented to our Medical Director “Patients love the facility. It’s been a great experience for our office as well as the patients. Its miraculous how well these patients are doing even after the first injection”.