Gerald’s Story

At Sage Infusion we service patients with a variety of backgrounds and autoimmune conditions. We wanted to share the story of Gerald.

Gerald’s background

Gerald is a Tampa native and has had an eventful life. He was in the Navy in the 50s and has worked in construction as a welder, ironworker, and various other roles for more than 30 years. He finally retired in 2009 and currently spends his time with his wife, working around the house and playing with his two dogs and two pigs. He enjoyed his life experiences despite the adverse impact it has had on his lungs.

Diagnosis and challenge

Early 2019, Gerald was diagnosed with Alpha 1 antitrypsin deficiency, a condition that may result in lung disease or liver disease. Given the uniqueness of this condition, Gerald’s Medicare Advantage plan presented significant challenges getting coverage and access to care.

Support for path back to health

Gerald went six months without treatment before he got referred to Sage. We worked quickly and diligently to explore all avenues with his physician, his insurance, and the NORD foundation to get his treatments covered and were able to do so. Gerald is now getting treatments on schedule, is already feeling better, and has experienced the joy of lessening symptoms. According to Gerald, he can now conduct daily activities without worrying about his condition and shared with us recently “I’m having a great time feeling more like myself!”

At Sage, we recognize many patients in our Tampa Bay area have their own unique story but share similar challenges as Gerald. We pride ourselves in working with every patient to help deliver a best in class infusion experience.