Shannon’s Story

Headache trouble

Shannon has suffered from migraines for over 20 years. Most recently, she has had 10-15 migraine days per month. Her headaches meant a loss in quality of life; sometimes she would lose hours, at other times entire days. She was “just trudging through life.” The medications she would take for her headaches would also leave her groggy and fatigued almost as much as the headache itself. Migraines meant brain fog, depression and fatigue.

New migraine treatment

Vypeti was launched earlier this year by Lundbeck and is a migraine prevention medication administered via infusion every 3 months. Sage Infusion has partnered with the Vyepti team to enable migraine patients to receive their treatments at their convenience at multiple locations.

Feeling clearheaded

After starting Vyepti at the end of May, Shannon is now down to 1-2 migraines per month. She has tried many other medications in the past and is now only taking magnesium and a vitamin B complex daily. Previously her headache days could last 2-3 days, but now headaches are infrequent and only last a day.

With Vyepti infusions Shannon is no longer wasting her time worrying and anticipating when her next headache will happen. It has been “a really easy experience” and the quarterly infusion vs. monthly injections of other medications also helps. She is very pleased with the process as well as the results. She was amazed when she added up her headache-free days over the last 3 months! She looks forward to remaining on treatment with this medication.